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     Computer Lab

Join us in the Computer Lab for fun and learning. The Lab at Clayton and Deer Park offer a variety of edutainment software programs for your child or you. The Labs also offer the Microsoft Office Pro 2007 suite of office automation tools. These are the same programs used at our local colleges and universities. They include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access. All computers also offer Picasas photo editing software. Each Lab has a color printer, a scanner and a photo quality color printer. The computers all use Microsofts XP operating system and have filtered internet access. The Labs offer access to web based email for parents, but not students. The Labs also offer access to several online tutorials, independent study web sites and online research, learning and teaching web sites. You can arrange for your child to work on any or all of the following independent study online courses of study:

  • Typing Agent - Home Link purchases annual licenses for our students. This online program uses a skill drill approach to teach typing. It first defines correct finger placement, then guides students through several lessons focusing on pressing the correct key with the correct finger. It also has several adventure games that are played and solved using the lessons learned. Typing Agent remembers your childs progress and can be worked on using the Lab computers, your home computer or any computer with internet access.
  • Alex Math - You must purchase a subscription for your child for this online math tutorial. Once a subscription is purchased, your child can work on this tutorial using the Lab computers, your home computer or any computer with internet access.
  • Orchard Math, Language Arts and Science curriculum supplement - Orchard is only available in the Home Link Labs. It has a great assessment tool that allows you to create a customized Math, Language Arts or Science curriculum supplement. This tool is designed to supplement the lessons you are teaching at home. It uses skill drill type lessons to reinforce key concepts.
  • MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) assessments - This assessment tool provides detailed information about your child's competency with Math, Reading and Language Usage. The MAP assessements are conducted in the Computer Labs and sign up is on-line via Events Sign Up on the Home Link main page.
  • Customized independent study - upon request and if time in the Lab permits, you can work with us to arrange a customized independent study program for your child. This will depend upon the course of study desired and the amount of available time we have. After enrolling your child in a computer lab class, see Mr. Jennings or Mrs. McCummins if you would like to arrange for an independent study program for your child.
    Law Makers and Lawbreakers To start, this class will take a broad, historical look at some of the earliest law codes and the diversity of modern legal and government structures. At the end of the course, we will look at some notable historical figures or groups who have broken or challenged the law in the name of justice. (I'm not sure who I want to focus on for this last part, but I'm thinking about the American founding fathers, MLK Jr. or Ghandi . . .) This class is intended to present a mix of history and philosophy. My goals are to challenge the students to critically examine and articulate their personal sense of what justice means, to demonstrate that present reality is influenced by history and to cultivate a sense of civic responsibility.